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While Django Unchained is stirring controversy, Steven Spielberg's movie Lincoln, has unchained the Legend of Lincoln to new mythic heights

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HEKA: Magic or Science?

A brief reevaluation of the Egyptian concept of Heka "magic"  


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Does the word nigger derive from the same root as negus?  


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Spoken-word poet extraordinaire out of the ATX 



A brief note on African wisdom traditions and knowledge

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Here is the first symbol and explanation for the African-American Adinkra Project

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Women in the Pulpit

New Texas based reality show.  


Photos - Diop Conference 2013

Written by Asar Imhotep. Posted in Blogs

I had the opportunity to speak, again, at the Cheikh Anta Diop International Conference in Philadelphia, PA the weekend of October 18-19. My paper was titled "Maat's Linguistic Origin in Family." Below are some of the pictures I took while at the conference. I hope you all enjoy. Maybe next year I will see you there.

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Maat's Linguistic Origin in Family Lecture

Written by Asar Imhotep. Posted in Africana

This is a recent lecture that I did in Wilmington, DE at the Maat Temple of Truth. My discussion topic was called, "Maat's Linguistic Origin in Family." I am greatful for the institution for allowing me to speak and for brother Sonjedi Ankh Ra for arranging this last minute discussion. I hope you enjoy.

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Aaluja: Rescue, Reinterpretation and the Restoration of Major Ancient Egyptian Themes

Written by Asar Imhotep. Posted in News

Greetings Everyone

I am happy to announce that I will be releasing my book titled Aaluja: Rescue, Reinterpretation and the Restoration of Major Ancient Egyptian Themes on Tuesday September 24, 2013. I am currently taking pre-sale orders. The book will be shipped on that day directly from the publisher. The pre-sale price is $19.99 US dollars. After the 24th of September it will jump-back to $24.99, so get your order in early. For those who live outside of the U.S., shipping will have to be calculated on an individual basis. 

I thank you in advance for your support and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. The details of the book are below.


Asar Imhotep

PRE-SALE LINK:   http://asarimhotep.com/index.php/asar-market-center/product/35-aaluja-rescue-reinterpretation-and-the-restoration-of-major-egyptian-themes



Lasana Hotep


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