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  • Jun 30th 2014

    Photography by: Aminah Decè and Trulei Versatile

    A quick glance at San Antonio based designer Daiquonne Lanier will give you the impression that he has IT; that special something that the French like to describe as “Je ne sais quoi”. There is a sense that he is going places. He is bright-eyed and eager, yet poised. He also manages - despite his confidence - to be impeccably mannered and humble. Further confirmation comes in the form of witnessing his design work.

  • Jun 20th 2014

    THE STORY: A black sheep returns to the fold when life-long drug abuser Robye Porter musters the courage to face her family. Newly sober Robye has struggled through rehab and cancer alone. Though she’s been a repeat offender of emotional injury, Robye's homecoming leads us to wonder if there is space for the sobriety of forgiveness.

  • Jun 17th 2014

    When we talk about healing in the Black community, the first question I must ask is, “Healing from what?” In order to heal we must assume that something happened to cause an injury. I believe that there has been a serious injury done to African-Americans and the main cause of this injury is the Trans-Atlantic-Slave-Holocaust. The trauma caused by the slew of events associated with this period has caused catastrophic disharmonies in all areas of the African-American experience: emotionally, physically, psychologically, economically, politically and spiritually. Traumas can upset our equilibrium and sense of well-being. And it is quite clear that we, as a collective entity, are still not well.

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